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We restore and repair Old Photographs. All sizes. All types. Our goal is to replicate your print to the finest quality - we strive for Museum standards - and Yes, our restorations are on display in Museums! (But we still want to be included in your home, as well!)

The photo restoration uses skilled techniques and artists to stabilize and repair your treasured family heirlooms to make them enjoyable now and into the future. Clients have included the archives of Coca-Cola Bottlers Association, Several History Museums, and discerning individuals. Our business dates back into the 40's and moved to the current location in the early 1960's. Previously known as Harden House of Photography, our archives not only includes thousands of photographs but also awards and commendations from over the last 50 years!

Your Restoration Project

Our restoration concept is simple. To retain the look of an aged photo (placing it in its proper historical context). To stabilize the image in its current condition through creating a new repaired version both printed and archived on CD. Our goal is to avoid over manipulation - we want the image to look like an older picture that has kept very well, rather than some kind of fake and crude over painted picture (we are after family heirlooms and historical documentation, not Folk Art!)

In this picture, the restoration covers several problems, underexposure from the original picture taking, faded color due to aging, cracks, and writing (it looks like the race car driver took the prints with him during his races!)

This is where the discerning eye and sensitivities of professionally trained fine artists comes into play!
We do repair image damage, cracks, stains, discoloration, fading and other deteriorations.

We offer great repairs of pictures made in the Sixties.............................
Glass plate images and tintypes from the 1860's can be impossible to scan. We use a professional camera copy techniques - allowing very good reproduction of tintypes, daguerreotypes, and ambrotypes.
As can be seen in the Ambrotype below, some of the aging of these old images is often left in, this gives an authentic look to the photographs. This image is reproduced showing the original case. This project included prisoner release papers from the Confederate Surrender at Vicksburg, as well as the young mans obituary after continuing fighting with his Alabama Infantry Division at Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, and the Battle of Atlanta.

We offer great repairs of pictures made in the Sixties.............................
Color Photographs made in the 1960's are fading badly - and this fade is going to get worse quickly. We can copy and reproduce these images and advise that any picture that is important to you be copied as soon as possible. Modern color photographic prints are substantially more stable, in fact, the color prints that we offer have a life expectancy of 100 years.

Look at your color photographs from the late fifties through the sixties. This is the most AT RISK era as the color prints made in that time frame were of very low stability and are well past their life expectancies. Now is the time to stabilize and color correct these images. An evaluation of which images are the most important - The family at Christmas in 1963, Vacation at Marineland, The Wedding Portrait - should be made and restoration considered. The least damage the better - making exact facsimiles of images that have not faded is a very affordable project! Why wait until major repairs are needed!

If you are unfortunate to have the print stuck to the glass (particularly, as in this case, with the glass broken) it can be challenging to reproduce. We use camera copy as well as scanning and can usually get great results!

Photography Center of Atlanta offers digital repairs that are printed by a variety of methods. One method which we participated in its pioneering is making a large negative from the computer image file and contact printing the image in the darkroom. The Century Print is the result for which the owner, Bill Gillespie, owns the TradeMark.
The Century Print is a toned print on conventional archival grade photographic paper, of the types which are in museums worldwide. These prints have the best proven record of longevity and have a guaranteed life expectancy of 100 years, with 150 - 200 years expected if stored in favorable conditions. If you have the honor of preserving pictures of your ancestors from the 1860's 70's or 80's, then you know how enriching it will be to future generations for these images to still be around in 100 years!

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New processes include high quality "gliclee" prints, which can give an elegant watercolor quality to your projects (we have created some beautiful facsimiles of old Civil War era documents for framing using this process). Fuji Crystal Archive is a color printing material which offers very high stability at a very competitive price. This process offers great value and as long as the images are archived on CD and retained can be an acceptable method of preserving and sharing your families historical photos.

Do you still have a collection of Black and White Negatives? We offer custom enlargements and reprints, Hand printed by a Master Printer on Real Black and White photographic paper.
Black and White Film Developing also available.

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Custom Framing of your Photographs and artwork!

We can make prints and enlargements of any size black and white negative up to 8 by 10 inches! Black and White prints are available in both good (Standard, 50-75 years) and better (The Century Print, 100 -150 years) grades.

The Century Print is a TradeMark of Bill Gillespie, exclusively available at Photography Center of Atlanta, and is registered with the State of Georgia, Secretary of State. Unauthorized use in the United States is illegal and subject to legal action.
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